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Flow Systemマーク.png

Airpeakが展開するキャップはFlow Systemを採用しており、Flow Systemを有していない従来のキャップに比べ帽子内部の温度を抑制します。一般的に濃い色の生地を使用すると熱を吸収し、帽子内部の温度を上昇させます。しかしAirpeakシリーズ(濃い色)は従来のスポーツキャップ(白)と比較しても下記実験結果の通り帽子内部の温度を抑制します。

The cap developed by Airpeak uses the Flow System. It suppresses the temperature inside the hat compared to conventional caps that do not have a flow system. In general, dark colored fabrics absorb heat and raise the temperature inside the hat. However, the Airepeak series has obtained experimental results that suppress the temperature inside the hat compared to the conventional white sports cap.




We set the room temperature at 30 degrees Celsius in an artificial weather room and replicated the sunlight with the artificial sun. A mild running situation is reproduced by running the fan five minutes after the start of the experiment. The results are actual measurements and not guaranteed values. The temperature inside the hat will vary depending on how the hat is worn and the environment.

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